With more than 10,000 (often more than 12,000) people coming to The Batavian every day to catch the latest local news, and more than 40,000 local newsreaders each week, The Batavian is by far Genesee County’s leading local news source. The Batavian‘s local market reach on a weekly basis exceeds 70 percent of the adult population.

In 2021, more than 1.3 million local newsreaders visited the site, generating more than 5.8 million visits to the site and nearly 10 million page views.

That’s a lot of reach for Genesee County-based businesses.

Recently, the CEO of a local non-profit organization bragged about his organization getting more than 60,000 views in 2021 on Facebook. An ad on The Batavian will get 60,000 views in less than three days.