Ad Types

The Batavian offers local businesses a variety of ways to promote their business. Our ad units are affordable no matter what your marketing budget and give your business a great variety of options to reach your target audience.

In addition to the ad types defined below, The Batavian has additional premium ad slots that are perpetually sold out. If you would like to be added to a waiting list for a top-tier ad slot, let your sales rep know.

All ad graphics are JPG, PNG, or GIF, with no animation except those offered by our ad server (ask your sales rep for details). All ads run on all pages of the website.

MARQUEE TILE: This ad type is 300×100 pixels. There are three positions at the top of the home page, below our logo, and above the main navigation bar. Each of the three positions is shared with two other sponsors (three ads total in equal rotation in each slot). Prices start at $450 per month with discounts available for longer-term commitments.
TOP OF CONTENT: This unit runs directly above the first story on the home page (all pages, actually). It is 460×100 pixels. It is sold on a daily basis. As many as three sponsors can share the slot on a single day in equal rotation. The price is $40 per day.

BOX AD: The Box Ad runs in the right rail of every page of the site. It is not placed in a fixed position. Rather all Box Ads and Title Ads are shuffled with each page load so no one ad dominates a top slot on the page.

Our readers have learned over the years that the best way to get all of the news of the day is to scroll down the page so no ad on either the left or right side of the page is every “buried.” In fact, it’s hard to predict the best placement for any particular ad with any given reader because people randomly notice things in their own time and way.

The Box ad is 300×250 pixels. The price is $285 per month with discounts for longer-term agreements.

TILE AD: Like the Box Ad, the Tile Ad runs in the right rail of every page on the site and is shuffled randomly with each page load.

The size is 300×140 pixels. The price starts at $175 per month.

STAMP AD: There are three tiers of Stamp Ads. All three run in the left rail of every page of the site.

There is a Stamp Ad that runs at the top of the right rail. It is a shared position (up to two advertisers in rotation) and the price is $300 per month.

There is a featured Stamp Ad that sits just above the login box on the left side of the page. There are four slots with no rotation. Each slot is in a fixed position. The cost is $120 per month (currently sold out)

There is the standard Stamp Ad. These run below the login box on the left side of the page. These ads are shuffled with each page load. The price is $60 per month or $150 per quarter.

Stamp ads are 170×90 pixels.

SPONSORED POST: There are 20 posts on the home page of The Batavian. All posts — news, photos essays, videos, press releases, etc., are published in reverse chronological order, which means the most recent item posted starts out at the top of the news column.

When something new is posted, it goes to the top and the last item posted moves down a slot.

A sponsored post works the same way. It starts at the top of the page and moves down the page as new items are posted and it drops off the home page after the 20th post since it was posted.

As mentioned above, readers know to scroll down the page until they reach the first item they read during their last visit to The Batavian. We even know that many readers jump to the next page of stories to get caught up when they missed more than 20 posts since their last visit.

So no matter where a sponsored post is on the home page, it is always a high visibility position.

Sponsored posts are generally graphics that are 460 pixels wide. They can be no taller than 600 pixels. They can also be text or a small graphic with text (no more than 750 words).

The price is $135 per sponsored post.